Tim Delaney
Creative Director, Producer & Field Art Director of Discoveyland

Tim imagined a rich and timeless Tomorrowland - renamed Discoveryland - for Disney's initial foray into Europe, dedicated to great future visionaries, including Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and Leonardo da Vinci.
As leader of the design team, he established the ''story'' direction, managed the overall show budget and served as the field art director and producer. The land was comprised of five major attractions, including:

Orbitron: A Leonardo da Vinci style kinetic sculpture and round ''rocket'' ride.
Videopolis: A 50,000 sq. ft. dining and entertainment complex, designed in a Victorian/Steam Punk style.
Star Tours: The ''Star Wars'' motion based simulator attraction.
Space Mountain: An entirely new, high speed thrill attraction based on the Jules Verne story ''From The Earth to the Moon.'' It incorporated many firsts, including the world's first catapult coaster launch system, synchronized on-board music and, for Disney, the first indoor looping coaster.
Jules Verne's Nautilus Submarine: Was a full size submarine walk-through (based on ''20,000 Leagues Under the Sea''), culminating in a giant squid attack.
Visionarium: A CircleVision 360 ''time machine'' experience hosted by Jules Verne.
Autopia: A new twist on the classic Disneyland driving experience.
Cinema Magique: A ''4D'' theater, debuting with ''Captain EO'' film, starring Michael Jackson.
Discoveryland Train Station: Added another stop to the Disneyland Paris Railroad while increasing Discoveryland's capacity.