Tim Delaney
Creative Director, Producer & Field Art Director of Tomorrowland

Reinvented the future for a whole new Disney audience at Hong Kong Disneyland. Focused on an ''Intergalactic Space Port'' theme where all attractions support the overall story and style. Attractions included: Orbitron, a kinetic round ride; Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, an interactive shooting ride though the cartoon world of Buzz and Emperor Zurg; and Space Mountain, the classic intergalactic roller coaster-in-the-dark. The $200-million project opened to the public on September 12, 2005.

Designed and produced an all-new take on the classic Disney Autopia attraction, featuring a new theme, track layout and electric vehicle technology. Worked with Honda to implement sponsorship components. This $40-million project opened to the public on July 13, 2006.
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